And so continues bloody, bloody summer: Prima, a lovely East Village seafood bar and eatery run by the team behind Summit Bar and Motorino, has shuttered, reportedly because of a lack of customers.

Bedford & Bowery reported the closure yesterday. A sign in the East 1st Street bar's window read: "We will miss serving all of our incredible guests. We will miss this amazing location. We just weren’t busy enough." Prima opened in 2011, serving up cocktails and coffee along with a cafe menu curated by Motorino's Mathieu Palombino that focused on sustainable, locally-sourced seafood. We were big fans of one of Prima's dessert items, the decadent Mille Feuille, back in its heyday.

Prima joins a long list of recently deceased food and drink establishments this year; in the last few weeks alone, we've lost standouts like Lulu's, the Mud Truck, Chat 'N Chew and Ding Dong Lounge, just to name a few. Iconic dive Subway Inn is also slated to close, unless its owners win their campaign against their landlord and raise enough money to stay in its UES home.