Life Cafe, the East Village restaurant that will be forever associated with RENT, has closed up shop after 30 years in business. No day but... yesterday, apparently.

EV Grieve noticed the closing sign outside of cafe, and the restaurant's website confirms the news:

"On this auspicious day of 9/11/11, after 30 years in business, I am closing Life Cafe East Village this evening “until further notice.” I’m doing this due to issues around building repairs the landlords were supposedly going to complete one year ago. Until the landlords complete the repairs, I will remain closed. We anticipate a rebirth of Life Cafe sometime in the near future. Thank you for your loyal patronage over the years."

Customers had mixed feelings about the news: some of Grieve's commentors complained that the restaurant was a mere shadow of what it used to be in the '80s (when it catered to "crackheads" instead of "yuppies"), though Life's Facebook page was filled with messages from loyal supporters.

Eater notes that the Bushwick outpost of Life is "alive and well," and we are awaiting response from owner Kathy "Life" Kirkpatrick for more details on a possible Manhattan reopening.