Have you been laying awake at night wondering if the smell of bacon was still torturing the East Village residents living by IHOP's newish 14th Street location? Might want to try some Ambien, cause folks over there are still sizzling like a thick slab of pork over a hot grill regarding the "stench."

EV Grieve today has some updates from folks who live by the 24-hour pancakery and they're classics in the art of complaining. First there is the normal-seeming person who says the scent comes and goes ("Several days will go by without much of a problem, and then the stench will begin again. Sometimes, like this morning, it will just be for an hour or two, but then there will be a couple of days when it is just never-ending."). Fine, fine. Then we move on to this complaint from a person who we suspect is the same one who made those anti-IHOP videos last year:

I am an owner of one of the apartments that get's the brunt of the smell. I literally had to move out and find someone to rent the apartment too. No one would buy it. Everybody said it smells like bacon. The new tenant says it doesn't bother him so much, but I don't think he is home too much — plus he's been there for winter only, we'll see what happens when he starts opening his windows.

Really, nobody wants to buy an apartment with a built in pork air freshener? Why do we find that hard to believe?

Still, what's really missing from these gripes is someone to insinuate that IHOP is attracting the wrong kind of people to the neighborhood. EVG commenters to the rescue!

Life isn't so great for people on the other side of the IHOP either, they have become the biggest blight on the block I can remember in many years.

The noise level in the early mornings...4am to 6am has increased dramatically as loud, obnoxious, and dangerous looking customers gather out front, people that are driving there from outside the area...as recent crimes highlight they are not attracting drunk hipsters, but thugs and criminals.

Maybe the restaurant needs a round-the-clock bouncer? Meanwhile, IHOP has not yet responded to our general inquiry about their plans to "fix" the bacon smell.