Well, here's an interesting little bit of neighborhood drama: Bar Veloce, whose East Village location was once famous for being the scene of a batsh*t crazy kerosene-fueled crime, is once again under attack, but this time from a slightly less dangerous assailant. Someone has been posting incriminating flyers along Second Ave urging patrons to boycott Veloce (which also has a location in Chelsea) because its owners allegedly refuse to pay staff overtime and dip into the staff tip jar on a regular basis.

EV Grieve spotted the flyers, which implore all customers to stop supporting both locations until the owners "change their unlawful ways." They also include a long comment from an Eater reader complaining about the management. While it's hardly the first time a restaurant has been accused of wage violation, it might be the first time a flyer campaign has been launched in lieu of legal action. We've emailed both the "Boycott Veloce" address and the restaurant's management and will update with any information from either party.