Okay everybody, deep breath. Odessa, the beloved East Village food and drink standby isn't going anywhere...yet. But that doesn't mean there isn't some cause to be concerned because, as EV Grieve notes today, the building that houses the place where we (and many others) wasted hours of our youth smoking and drinking in the back is up for sale. Apparently the owner wants $3 million for the property.

According to EVG, the owners of Odessa were given first dibs on the building but decided to pass on it, for now. So, you might be wondering, why exactly shouldn't we be worried that another downtown standard could be going the way of Mars Bar? Because it seems the restaurant has another three years on its lease. What happens after that? Who knows. But considering the fact that we're still mourning the loss of the Kiev (RIP) twelve years later we're not quite sure we can handle the idea of a world without Odessa. At least it seems the newer diner next door at 119 Avenue A would be safe?

When we called the restaurant to ask about the potential sale we were brusquely "asked" to call back later—which is about what'd we'd expect from the old girl!