A blaze that fire marshals deemed to have been purposefully set at the Flea Market Cafe on Monday in the East Village defies the explanation of the restaurant's manager. "I might be a little naïve, but I don't really know anyone that would do that," manager Harveen Bonnet tells DNAinfo, presumably as Goodfellas sits dangerously low on his Netflix queue.

Authorities noticed containers of flammable liquid directly outside the cafe, located on Avenue A at St. Marks, after taking around 30 minutes to bring the fire under control. A witness also tells police that they saw someone in the restaurant, which was closed at the time, just before it caught fire. Only a table and two chairs were burned, and it reopened yesterday evening.

"It's one of those mysteries only the cops will be able to figure out," Bonnet says. He continues: "If you really want to burn down the place, you wouldn't do it that way." As long as the NYPD is checking our Facebook feeds, it couldn't hurt to check out Yelp in this case. Maybe that customer who gave it a one-star rating thought it could use a little "redecorating."