We have yet to get photographic evidence of these wine spritzer taps, so these cocktails from Brooklyn Soda Works will have to do for now.

Following restaurateur Ravi DeRossi's foray into the game-changing gin and tonic on tap, he's diving deeper into the neverending well and has introduced wine spritzers on tap at his East Village bar the Bourgeois Pig. According to Grub Street, this creation is a collaboration with Brooklyn Soda Works (though the Carroll Gardens' Bourgeois Pig doesn't have it (yet?), "and flavors will change according to what fruit is available." They're starting with orange peel, hibiscus, ginger and grapfruit, jalapeño, and honey.

We attempted to get in touch with the geniuses behind this creation, but have had no success thus far, so all we can tell you is their wine cocktails are listed as being $12 on the menu, and you can probably expect these to hover around the same price.