We thought we had every tacky Royal Wedding tie-in we could ever want. Well obviously we thought wrong. Dunkin' Donuts has unveiled their sugar-filled homage to the future King and Queen of England: the Royal Wedding Donut. Because nothing says love like jelly. They write:

The heart signifies the love between Prince William and Catherine, and the donut is filled with jelly to represent how their lives are to be ever-filled with happiness. In honor of the traditional white wedding gown, the donut is topped with white frosting, but adds a modern twist with the chocolate drizzle, in celebration of William’s love for chocolate.

Never one to be left in the dust, Baskin-Robbins also unveiled a sugary treat for Royal Wedding enthusiasts: "the Royal Wedding Ice Cream Cake features vanilla cake, Baskin-Robbins Chocolate Mousse Royale ice cream and has more than 30 piped white and blue English roses. The cake was designed to be reminiscent of an English garden, inspired by the colorful gardens of the Cotswolds..." At least these confections are quite appropriate: after all, what goes better with coming to terms with premature baldness than high cholesterol?