Chains are slowly coming around to demands of consumers and activists, like when we tell them we don't want to eat yoga mats or drink fire retardant. The latest move by two major doughnut companies has less to do with stomach-turning ingredients and more to do with not murdering the planet. Just a day apart, Dunkin' Donuts and Krispy Kreme both agreed to source sustainable palm oil to fry up their doughy delights. Finally, we can enjoy mass-produced calorie bombs 100% guilt-free.

It's a big move by the companies, who use extraordinary amounts of the oil when producing their doughnuts. According to Forest Heroes, the activist group that's been petitioning for the move for months, the North American doughnut industry accounts for a substantial portion of the $50 billion-a-year palm oil industry. Production of the oil not only contributes to the decimation of tropical rainforests—a critical blow to the planet's climate problems—it's also pushing forward the extinction of several species, including Sumatran tigers and orangutans.

The companies' new guidelines include protecting forests and committing to no deforestation when sourcing their oil; not exploiting workers; and implementing a traceability component to avoid any corruption. Of course, there's always the option to ditch palm oil all together. Jeff Magness from NYC's The Doughnut Plant tells us the company has never used palm oil in their 20 years of business. "We use a proprietary blend of non-GMO vegetable oil," he tells us. "We've never used hydrogenated oils. No trans fats, ever." Just one of the many reasons their doughnuts are so damn good.