ARGHH—look at that thing, it's headed straight for our arteries! Lock up your Deal-A-Meal, because this week marks the triumphant return of the Dunkin' Donuts Waffle Breakfast Sandwich (500 calories), a button-busting invention that merges scrambled eggs, sausage and American cheese between two "maple-infused" waffles for just $2.99 (suggested retail price). Dunkin' has brought the sandwich back "by popular demand" for a limited time only, and later this month they'll celebrate St. Patrick's Day by reviving the "Lucky Dozen" donut, "a raised yeast ring with chocolate icing topped with white and yellow sprinkles and green clovers for the suggested retail price of 89 cents." Mmm, raised yeast. Now why can't area McDonald's do the same for the elusive Shamrock Shake?