With only days to go until Nanny Bloomberg's ban on large sugary drinks kicks in, Big Soda is hard at work trying to make it stop. But local businesses, despite having a three month grace period to get their shelves in order after March 12th, are rushing to comply. Just look at the explanation, above, that Dunkin' Donuts has begun posting around its many shops! Anyone notice anything similar at Starbucks yet?

What Dunkin' Donuts' sign does best, really, is not exactly explain what is going on—the city has banned sugary drinks over 16 ounces in businesses under the Department of Health's jurisdiction—as make the DOH's porous batch of rules seem even stranger (read 'em here!). All of which will only be made more apparent when it becomes clear to regular consumers that the Department of Health's rules only count in some places in the city and not others (basically, if it has a letter grade on the door it can't sell you a tub of soda).

Still, our favorite new fact about the soda ban? The DOH will reportedly be allowing for a one ounce margin of error.