061608donutcal.jpgPhoto courtesy Tokyohanna.

As local franchises start complying with the city’s new calorie law – which requires establishments with over 15 locations nationwide to prominently display caloric info – there are bound to be some bumps in the road. But this snafu is hard to top: Blog about town “Cellar Door” spotted an interesting discrepancy at two different Dunkin' Donuts purveyors located next to each other inside Penn Station.

At one, the chocolate glazed products are correctly listed as containing 340 calories. But according to Cellar Door, donut fans looking to slim down for Speedo season need only walk over to the adjacent Dunkin’ to cut 260 calories from the treat. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the big seller here is still the 340 calorie version, because there really is something suspicious about a chocolate glazed donut that only has 80 calories.

UPDATE: A publicist for Dunkin' Donuts has informed us that this is not a calorie wormhole, but "merely a matter of human error. The 80 calorie chocolate glazed donut represents the Munchkin portion, while the 340 calorie chocolate glazed donut represents the full sized donut. Once the franchisee was alerted to this inconsistency, the donuts were labeled with the appropriate calorie label."