While you're watching the best years of your life go down the drain at some Squaresville job, writer, artist, musician and freegan New Yorker Gio Andollo is living the dream. He's his own boss (which allows him enough free time to blog about washing dishes) and lives his life completely liberated from the shackles of stultifying labor and soul-crushing responsibilities—when he needs money, he goes down into the subway and plays his guitar. When he needs food, he picks it out of the trash. And when he needs to share his story with the world, he does it on Huffington Post, which has published his diary about how he eats like a king for free. Here are the most inspirational parts:

  • I observe Monday as Sabbath - a day of rest, thanks, and realignment. A holy day. So I don't have any work on the agenda.
  • My roommate complains about ants in the apartment, killing them mercilessly. I vouch for their right to life, citing their workmanship and sense of community. He's not buying it.
  • I brought my guitar with me for these errands but left my picks at home. I don't want to waste the ride back so I fashion guitar picks out of an old credit card and perform on the subway.
  • Everyone wants a revolution but nobody wants to do the dishes.
  • I take to the subway, busking my way home. I don't make much money and a group of men (in their early 20s, I think) ridicule me aloud while I play. As if this work wasn't hard enough!

Please do read through Andollo's whole food diary here at your leisure. And to the guys who laughed at Andollo for busking on the subway: The joke's on you, slaves! [Via Grub Street]