The Williamsburg restaurant now known as Chinese Club has reinvented itself from a Malaysian eatery to an Indian-Chinese spot and are now channeling Tibet for their latest special. The restaurant now serves a Momo Burger, inspired by the Tibetan and Nepalese dumplings called momos.

The restaurant's making momos with beef cheeks and oxtail broth, but for their burger they're using chicken to form the meatball part of the dumpling. Like any regular burger, they're topping the dumplings with cheese, a spicy mayonnaise and lettuce on a fluffy bun. The dumplings stand in for the beef patty here, so expect it to be a more carbohydrate-centered burger than we're accustomed to. Burgers are $8.95.

The restaurant also recently launched lunch with two set menus, with a choice of either noodles or fried rice with an appetizer ($7.95) or a choice of sauce/protein with rice ($8.95) Monday to Friday from noon til 3 p.m.