Say the word "chocolate" and Gothamist swoons with thoughts of deep, dark rich pleasure. Mention the name Jacques Torres and we're lost in memories of his decadent, gourmet chocolates, hand-crafted in his DUMBO factory and retail shop, Jacques Torres Chocolates.

From Torres' dark chocolate-encased Earl Grey Tea ganache to his Wicked Hot Chocolate, spiked with chili heat and subtle spices, his sweet conconctions have won fans - including intrepid foodies that bike or hike over the Brooklyn Bridge in order to "work off" the treats before they indulge.

Area residents and sweet hounds know that Saturdays attract the largest crowds to Torres' shop. Saturday is when he gets back to his pastry chef roots, including his stint at Le Cirque, and whips up a myriad of baked goods, ranging from intense chocolate cookies to delecate apricot tarts. The lines for these goodies often extends out the door.

But soon patrons will not have to wait until Saturday for a taste of Torres' baked goods. According to insider sources, he's on the verge of opening a new bakery across the street, named Almondine. Housed in a building recently refurbished by "This Old House," word is that the new bakery will offer sweets and savories that will augment Torres' chocolate efforts. Saturdays will still bring baked goods to the chocolate shop, but Almondine will provide pastries that go above and beyond. Will the neighborhood be able to sustain two of Torres' establishments? Gothamist will be there with more on Almondine's official opening.

-- Vittles Vamp