Photo by Jen Carlson/Gothamist

This is absurd. A DUMBO shopowner recently ditched the old sign for his storefront (which read "Cafe/Bar") and replaced it with one stating the name of the establishment: DUMBO General Store (with the word "Cafe" underneath). A good business plan, no? But now the Brooklyn Paper reports that the regulars are in an uproar, preferring the older and more anonymous sign. One man even told the paper, "It used to be like a speakeasy."

Okay, except, it 100% wasn't like a speakeasy, because a speakeasy wouldn't have windows looking upon the main drag of a neighborhood, nor would it advertise itself, on a prominent sign displayed outdoors, that it was a bar. In fact, the new sign (which has dropped the "Bar" for some reason) is more conducive to the speakeasy vibe. Now please pass the soapbox to the person behind you.