Obtaining lunch in DUMBO can be extremely vexing, sources inside my growling belly confirmed today. There are very few reasonably-priced options in the neighborhood—last month, for instance, gourmet market Forager's quietly raised its already obscene salad bar prices, resulting in the shameful purchase of a $19.50 salad by an infuriated local worker who, for obvious reasons, requested anonymity. The No. 7 Sub over at Fulton Ferry is great but who has time to walk there? And you can't eat Juliana's pizza every day (or can you?). Mercifully, there's been a slight uptick in food trucks serving the neighborhood in the past couple of years, but of course this has resulted in lengthy lines during the lunch rush. WHY WON'T THE U.N. TAKE ACTION?

To the rescue, instead, comes the DUMBO Food Truck Cam, created by Datalot CEO Josh Reznick in the same spirit at the Shake Shack line camera in Madison Square Park. "I noticed that everyone in our office was constantly walking into the conference room to check out the view of the food trucks," Reznick tells us. "If there was so much of a need inside our own office, clearly it would be even more useful to others without the luxury of a food truck lot view." Here's the view of the DUMBO Lot, which has been occupied by a rotating roster of food trucks since April:

And here's the direct link to the food truck cam for future reference. Hungry DUMBO workers and residents can also stay abreast of DUMBO's daily food truck situation by following the DUMBO Lot on Twitter, but that Twitter feed does not give you any indication about the length of the lines. For other food trucks in the neighborhood, there's also DUMBO Food Trucks, which, to be honest, has been kind of phoning it in lately. (Sorry!)

Well, that about wraps up this week's DUMBO Lunch Report! Stay tuned for a shocking exposé on why Superfine is always closed on Mondays...