Normally, we don't spend that much time perusing South African newspapers, but every once in a while, something pops up that's worthy of international attention: several doctors report that people like to get drunk at office holiday parties and have casual sex. Especially women, who apparently don't know how to deal with getting drunk and hooking up.

One doctor explains that alcohol is a testosterone stimulant and therefore women who get drunk are more likely to get crazy. "Dealing with the bravado that testosterone produces is not a common experience to women and they rarely know how to cope with it. That is why most women become out of control after drinking alcohol," Dr. Rodney Smith claims. And once women are "out of control," they're pretty much helpless to defend themselves against aggressive men who feel "powerful" after drinking too much themselves. Whether or not you think this veers a little too close to despicable "asking for it" mentality, you can probably guess what comes next: Smith says STDs and pregnancies skyrocket in December and January following the holiday party high season.

Then the Sowetan, which caused quite a stir this summer over a front page photo of two uniformed police officers caught on tape having sex, offers a halfhearted tip sheet for "staying safe this festive season." Suggestions include "leave a note for yourself at the front door" regarding birth control, "use a condom" if you're so drunk you're puking up the pill, and "don't drink on an empty stomach." Or, you could ignore these fearmongering reports and keep it classy at the office party instead. [via Fork in the Road]