The scourge of belligerent brunchers fouling the sanctity of East 28th Street has been well-documented on a local level. But the sounds of retching reached a national audience this week when the Howard Stern Show paid a visit to Pranna to "interview" attendees of NYC's most infamous brunch. Their parents may not own half of fucking Manhattan, but the interviewees didn't hold back from accusing Pranna's neighbors of trashing their rights.

Audio from the episode isn't available online, but we've pulled some choice quotes from the segment. "They should fucking move or go fuck themselves because this is a free country and if wanna drink, we're taxpayers," one woman pointed out. "We should totally be able to have our cake and drink it too." The "cake" being five drink tickets and a bottle of champagne, which more than likely will end up splattered on the sidewalk within the hour.

Others had more constructive advice to desperate neighbors of the restaurant. "You know what? If you don't like the noise, then you shouldn't live in this neighborhood," explained one attendee who boasted about the special five drink deal she'd consumed over "a entree." "Go to Long Island. There's no noise." Or "move to Mars, you assholes," quips Stern.

Despite a spell on probation last year, Pranna's still turning out drunks in fine fashion, drunks who do not care about ruining the one precious hour you can spend with the Times Magazine section before your husband gets back home with the baby. Long Island awaits!