Foodies have been flocking to DUMBO for quite a while now. It's no surprise. Who can resist the siren's call of the spicy, New Mexican-inspired breakfast burrito at Superfine? Or a piping hot pizza pie with house-roasted peppers at Grimaldi's. Or the Curried Mussels at Five Front? And, then there is the biggest temptation of them all - Jacques Torres Chocolates, chocked full of decadent, Wonka-like confections for children and adults alike. But is Jacques really the biggest foodie draw in the 'hood?

2005_03_food_boschstove.jpgGothamist begs to differ. Not to discount the chocolatier's Wicked Hot Chocolate or Chocolate-Filled Eclairs, but each and every time we visit DUMBO we are drawn to another foodie mecca - the BSH Showroom, where our stainless steel kitchen fantasies seem achingly within reach - but are just beyond our grasp. With our noses pressed up against the showroom's oversized windows, we gasp in awe and admiration at refrigerators, stove tops, dishwashers, range hoods and ovens made by venerable manufacturers like Thermidor, Bosch and Gaggenau. These beauties are a sight to behold. Pieces of appliance art. If only we could afford to take some of them home.

Oh, well. If our pocketbooks won't allow for a Bosch purchase, guess we'll just have to seek solace with a few of Jacques' chocolates. What a pity!

BSH Home Appliance Corp. Showroom
1 Main St.
Brooklyn, NY