While its richness—and calorie count—might put off most diners over the age of 21, General Tso's Chicken remains one of the most iconic dishes of Chinese restaurants in America and a delicious indulgence when the mood calls for it. A new food vendor debuting at LIC Flea on Saturday hopes to repurpose the classic dish into a newer, fresher format by stuffing the sweet, sticky chicken into a po'boy roll and turning it into a sandwich. Meet General Tso'Boy, a new project from Gary Wu, who's using his experience from his family's Chinese restaurant in Rockland County to launch a new sandwich enterprise with a focus on the flavors of his childhood.

For their encampment at LIC Flea, General Tso'Boy will serve four sandwiches, starting with Wu's version of General Tso's Chicken. Hunks of chicken thigh are beer battered and fried, in keeping with tradition, then slathered in a housemade sweet and savory sauce. Other offerings include a Beef & Roast Broccoli with soy-braised brisket, oyster sauce and ginger; a Char Siu Pulled Pork with slow roasted barbecue pork, soy, honey and their homemade five spice; and a Honey Walnut Shrimp with beer-battered shrimp, condensed milk mayo and sesame-candied walnuts.

All the sandwiches are served on custom po'boy bread, baked by Parisi Bakery (a loaf from Louisiana's Leidenheimer was flown in for inspiration), which has been "dressed" with mayo and shredded lettuce. Sandwiches are available in half portions ($6 - 7) or full ($10 - 12) and there will be wonton chips with house five-spice available on the side for $1.

Together with Union Square Hospitality Group and Luke's Lobster alum Jessica Lin, Wu hopes a successful stint at the Queens market will lead to a permanent home somewhere in the city, which seems to be the way many eateries get their start these days. They'll be set up at the LIC Flea at 46th Avenue and 5th Street beginning this Saturday, June 14th and running for eight Saturdays through August 2nd.