2003_6_sensdream.jpgBobby Gleason of the Bellagio's Fontana Lounge won the Best of New York Drink Contest at the International Bar Show (and by "Best of New York" we can only guess it's because the bar show was held at the Javits Center) with his drink, "A Sensuous Dream." Judges did not go for a drink called the Monkeypox. Here is the recipe for his winning drink, the Sensuous Dream:

1 1/4 oz Absolut Vanilla
3/4 oz Chambord
1 oz heavy cream
1/3 oz rock candy syrup

Shake. Strain into cocktail glass, prepared with swirls of melted chocolate on its side and a crust of Graham cracker and nutmeg on its rim. Serve.

Yikes, that's like a liquid S'mores in a glass. Does "overly sweet" translate into sensuous? Is this a drink to get the ladies drunk fast? Wait, maybe all drinks are engineered that way. How embarassing is it to ask for "A Sensuous Dream" at a bar - more embarassing than asking for a "Sex on the Beach?"

This is why Gothamist likes its drinks a little more simple. Bobby won Penthouse's "Most Sensual Cocktail" contest last year, with the Luscious Leopard.