japanesewines.jpgLooking for a change of pace from our routine of heavy, indiscriminate drinking, Gothamist was browsing the aisles of 67 Wine & Liquor when we came across these curiosities. At top is a bottle of litchi wine from Taiwan, a sweet, aromatic brew redolent of the delicate fruit. Given the glut of litchis on the market these days, Gothamist will be happy to shore up demand by keeping a bottle of this stuff handy.

Below is a bottle of Choya Umeshu, apparently one of Japan's best-known brands of plum wine (their website is just this side of Lost In Translation kitsch). Japanese plum wines ("umeshu") are made from the Ume fruit, the plum variety that is often salt-cured to make umeboshi. Choya's umeshu has whole ume fruit suspended in the bottle; we can't wait to try them.

With such exotic flavors at our disposal, Gothamist is a little disappointed the sweet martini fad is three years behind us. Still, we're perfectly satisfied to enjoy our new Eastern discoveries chilled, straight up.

-Lychee Chiew Wine, $9.29/bottle
-Choya Umeshu, $16.49/bottle

67 Wine & Liquor (67wine.com)
179 Columbus Ave., between 67th & 68th Streets