Tired of listening to Townes van Zandt on repeat while you pound back whiskeys in your tiny basement apartment? Tearing your teased hair out searching for the perfect cocktail to pair with your '80s dance party? Drinkify feels your pain, and they're here to help.

Just type in what you're listening to, and the brand-new site will automatically generate the appropriate drink for you. "The Beyonce" gets you "1 bottle Hennessy, 1 bottle Fassionola, and 4 oz Metaxa shaken and garnished with salt," while a Queen B song blares in the background, while "The Creed" is simply a can of Schlitz. It works pretty well even for smaller indie bands, too—"The Widowspeak" is 6 oz Arrack, served neat. The possibilities are pretty much endless, especially once you get a few drinks in your system.

The website's developers say they created the program in "24 boozy hours" at last weekend's Music Hack Day in Boston. It's powered by connecting The Echo Nest, Last.fm, a drinks database, and "what’s left of our livers."