35cooper.jpgIt had to end someday, we both knew, but our affair with the back gardens of this city's bars just kept on. Then, this week, we, the people, re-elected Bloomberg and it got damn cold. As a goodbye to all the good times we had in 2005, we're layering and taking our drinks outside for the last time this weekend. And because today is Veteran's Day we expect some of you to start early.

At 35 Cooper Asian Pub you won't be overwhelmed by any pub atmosphere but the happy hour may take over your evening. A surprisingly strong mojito, perfectly mixed, gave us flashbacks to June and was only $4. The appetizers explained the Asian part of the pub experience- sweet and sour tofu, spicy calamari and delicious spring rolls were all worth it (and none near $10) after the complimentary, peppery edamame. The back page of the menu is full of drinks you might not want to say out loud (they involve words like "fuzzy" and "sling" for better or worse) but if you are looking for girly drinks, these are cheap, too, and would make your bar crawl a little sweeter.

Enjoy one last back garden before it really is time to find a drink that comes with a fireplace.

35 Cooper Asian Pub
35 Cooper Square, near 7th Street
(212) 375-9195