mas2.jpgThe crux of mas (farmhouse) is the use of the freshest organic ingredients to make the most inventive food, so it's no surprise that the bar introduces cocktails seasonally, too. This week we tried new cocktails at the bar courtesy of the bar manager and partner Tom Wilson featuring Leblon, a Brazilian Cachaca (rum). The bar offers the now-standard Mojitos and Caprinihas made with a flourish and this surprising, smooth liquor, but have also created some new cocktails to try.

The Lemon Sage Cooler was our favorite, with a mix of the liquor, fresh sage leaves, lemon juice, Cointreau and club soda and a resfreshing taste much like a Mojito. The sage, however, seperates the drink, both figuratively and literally, as it tastes more adult and adventurous, and the drink itself pleases with its seperate layers laced with fresh herbs. And some thought it was more than that, "It's like drinking a spa, " he said, "I want to see if Bliss will carry this." Another we enjoyed was the Cane Angel with cream, Lebron, coffee liqeur and real vanilla bean. This was more of an after-hours cocktail, dessert in a glass.

Though the prices for dinner are "special occasion" for most, the cocktails are worth taking a second look at mas (farmhouse), especially since the kitchen is open til 4am and you, like chefs across the city, may change your mind by the time the glass is empty.

mas (farmhouse)
39 Downing Street between Bedford and Varick Streets
(212) 255-1790

Leblon available at fine liquor stores.