2006_06_dollars.jpgIn this week's annual cheap issue of Time Out New York, the writers highlight what ten whole dollars will get you at some fine bars, one decided dump and restaurants.

Their picks:
- Five shots of anything (noting that a recent customer asked for Hennessy and got it) $10, Continental
- Whiskey and a can of beer, $5, Laila Lounge (You could spend all of ten dollars, pre-tip, on a date. Imagine.)
- Pitcher of margaritas on Tuesday, $10, Luke & Leroy
- Two Tecate beers, each with matching tequila chaser, $10, Cherry Tavern

- 5 tastings of any wine in the store, $5, Vintage New York
- For the most broke days, the free wine at the Chinese place, The Cottage, with dinner (entrees around $8).

Go on, ruin it for everyone, and tell us how you'd drink on ten dollars.