subway2.gifWe New Yorkers have been through a lot recently. First the Republican National Convention - bringing thousands of slow walking tourists to our city and most recently the UN meetings - can anyone explain why it takes 26 cars to move the President two blocks?

It’s enough to drive anyone to drink. What a good idea…

This week, Sept 27th – Oct 1st, is the first annual “Toast to New York”, or the drinking version of restaurant week. A hundred different bars throughout the city will be offering $4 drink specials from 5pm to 9pm. While Gothamist is quite excited for any excuse to drink often and cheaply, the 4 hour window these bars are providing for us to drink away our woes, is hardly enough time. And not to further complain, because we are grateful for the $4 Lychee Martini we will be sucking down at the Soho Grand this week, but in order to get the drink special you have to present your “Shecky’s Toast to NY” card – maybe we should get ours laminated and hang it around our necks.

So if the “Toast to New York” isn’t your speed there are a lot of exciting events going in the city. Here are our picks for a fun filled week…

Monday (the 27th): Artisanal & Morrell & Company Wine and Cheese
Place: Artisanal Cheese Center, 500 W. 37th St @ 10th Ave.
Time: 6:30 - 8:30pm
Cost: $60
Details: Taste a large array of wines and cheeses from the Old World and
the New World. Artisanal Premium Cheese Experts and Morrell Wine
Consultants will be on hand to educate and guide you through the tasting.

Tuesday (the 28th) New York City Wine Meetup
Place: Divine Bar, 236 West 54th St.
Cost: FREE (but you have to RSVP)
Details: Become a member of NYC Wine Meetup and attend their events to discover wine bars, meet wine enthusiasts and taste wonderful wines.

(that'll get you through the first half of the week; more events after the jump link below . . .)

Wednesday (the 29th) Expose Yourself! to New and Exciting Wines
Place: Bacchus Wine Made Simple, 2056 Broadway @ 70th Street
Time: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Cost: $20
Details: An Open House aimed at adventurous wine drinkers who want
to go beyond common grape varietals. This will be an evening of wine
exploration and socializing that will please both novices and wine geeks

Thursday (the 30th) Sake Tasting
Place: Sake Hana, 78st, 2nd & 3rd
Time: 9PM-11PM
Cost: $25 (includes appetizers and sushi)
Details: 5 Sake Masters will come from Japan to introduce you to the world of sake

Friday (the 1st) Beer Pong (Beirut)
Place: The Big Easy, 2nd Ave at 92 st.
Time: All night long, baby!
Cost: Beirut is free, all you have to buy is the beer
Details: Bring back all those college memories. If it’s been too long since a round of flip cup/beer pong, sticky floors and keg beer…it’s time to make the trek to the Upper East side.

Looks like we have a busy week ahead us. Remember to pace yourself and go into these events with a drinking strategy. With over a 100 bars and just five days this is going to require better navigation then it took to cross First Ave at 42 St. last week.

Good luck.