nexus1.jpgWe never thought we'd see a velvet rope at One & One. But there it was, at the top of the stairs, in the place known for its fish and chips (the temptation of which often keeps us away from the bar). Downstairs, is, if not entirely swanky, not the pub upstairs. The cocktails offered are changing-and will continue to do so- but it is definitely cocktails all the way. It's smallish, darkish and loungish. And that is a good thing if you want to cut down on your beer (if you are like us you'd like to look better and someday have a Valentine) but your friends are set on drinking a keg or three dry.

With a dj and various shiny things installed- the bar itself works well, very eye-catching, black in the darknes- it is more of a club, open just Fridays and Saturdays when we visited. And, like the crack house we'd all like to pretend isn't in the building next door, the hours do dictate who is there. You decide if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Nexus Lounge
under One & One
76 East 1st Street, at First Avenue
(212) 598-9126