liquor store.jpgYears ago, the Liquor Store Bar kept us all in afer-work drinks, or, most afternoons, drinks when we ought to have been working. The pours were generous and there was no attitude- so little that a friend of ours routinely had packages sent there instead of home. It's only brush with infamy in so many years may have been a mention by Elizabeth Wurtzel as part of her post-college debauchery.

So we were understandably upset to see the landmark bar- which retains the signage from its last incarnation, as an actual purveyor of spirits-shuttered. The people inside were great and we missed the wooden bars against the front were perfect for West Broadway people watching. This week we tried the door and talked to the management- it's back. Offically, it's back December 7th, next Wednesday, but peek in before that and you can see everything that's changed- almost nothing. More seating fills out the room and though it'll never be spotless-we'd never want it to be- it's more accomodating.

Liquor Store Bar
235 West Broadway at White Street
(212) 226-7121