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Formerly turning out pierogies, the newly renovated K & M bar is named for the space's last proprietors, Krystyna and Margaret. The new owners, Merle Chornuk and Daddo Bogich, both musicians, focused on retro detailing without overwhelming anyone when they revamped the space, keeping the original (and classic) almost white, hexagon tiled floor, mellow green walls and adding leather banquettes with club chairs. Outside there are mid-century black chairs for a bit of outdoor seating and, because of the three (refreshing) blocks between K & M and the Bedford L, sitting outside doesn't mean you'll be trampled. The beer selection is remarkable -- Polish, Japanese and on tap is Guiness, Abbot Ale, Wurzberger pilsner, Julius Echter hefe-weisssben and La Chouffe. We tried La Chouffe, a light, almost lemony beer and loved the taste and the kick at 8% alcohol ($6). Happy hour is 4-9pm everday with $5 Tecate, $5 bourbons and $1 off and well drinks and drafts. Pierogies are available, steamed or fried, at the bar, so you can recognize the history and soak up the alcohol at the same time.

Special thanks to Janelle Gunther.

K & M Bar
225 North 8th Street at Roebling
(718) 388-3088