pomeranian.jpg by Nataly Levich for New York Metro

Without talking to our resident weather experts, we can only reccomend a couple things to do during the near-Biblical rains we've heard are still coming this weekend: don't leave your apartment or go directly to the nearest dive bar and do not move from that barstool. And try Johnny's Bar. This dive's twinkling lights, decals on the walls and the smart-ass bartender flirting or abusing everyone on a stool are better than most things you were thinking of Netflixing. If you want action, go play Ms. Pacman and see how much you've got to learn.

When we used to work in the West Village we were surprised not at how early the bar opens (and when happy hour starts) at noon but how many people were there, with empty pints, at 12:03 pm. The crowd tends toward both those that routinely drink during daylight and those that really need a drink after a bad appointment, usually an audition. The oft-repeated line is how often Gwyneth and Ben were here before they did silly things like married other people, had babies and named them Moses, which gets less surprising when you notice the bar is exactly two intersections away from her old brownstone. Entertaining drinkers are still there day and night, and in the small space with the look of a rough around the edged rec room, it's clear where Welcome To The Johnson's got it's inspiration, the difference being the style is done well here. And the drinks are better.

Happy hour is 12 noon to 7pm, Monday through Friday, $3 Coors pints and $3.25 shot of the day.

Johnny's Bar
90 Greenwich Avenue at West 12th Street
(212) 741-5279

right hand photo by Nataly Levich for New York Metro