jeremysalehouse.gifAfter the Belle & Sebastian show at Battery Park on Tuesday we stumbled, sunburnt and parched to the South Street Seaport. Near the sleek Bin No. 220 on Front Street, Jeremy's Ale House, or Safe House, as one banner reads, will never be mistaken for a wine bar. Or even a bar with wine glasses.

Drinking from plastic or styrofoam makes more sense when you are dragging your plastic chair over parking lines while indoors. Also, the overflowing quarts, mostly $7 (the exceptions being Coors, $4.50, Bass, Stella and Hoegarden, $8) make much more sense in the semi-cooled suburban-sized cups. The food is greasy spoon/clam shack -- we liked the fish and chips ($7) with fat chunks of well-fried fish. The mozzarella sticks ($4) and calamari ($8) were less impressive though this isn't the place at which you'd expect to be bowled over. Jeremy's isn't going to change your opinion of pints (or quarts), but it is fun, cheap and welcoming. And we've never heard police officers join in with our sunburned, somewhat fey group to sing happy birthday to a stranger anywhere else.

Jeremy's Ale House
238 Front Street, between Peck Slip and Beekman Street
(212) 964-3537