Drink Up will be a regular bar review column appearing Friday afternoons, in hopes that it'll give you a new (or old) spot to check out over the weekend. Enjoy, and drink up!

Photo, Noah KalinaGothamist was curious as to what George Ruotolo (Tribe, Vig Bar) had up his sleeve when he and partners opened PS 450 in the unsettled area of north Murray Hill. We bravely ventured above 14th Street to report and were immediately put off by an entrance that owes too much to the W hotel chain. The front of the venue wants to inhabit a middleground between martini bar and club with its requisite dj alternating bossa nova and standards and good (read: dim) lighting.

Quick, attentive staff and a great second bar in the back (perfect for private parties) made us remember there is more to the place than the bankers and the bleached blondes that love them by the door. The weeknight we visited, the back room was host to a private wine tasting and the party was effortlessly separate from the after-work crowd. At nearly a dozen ingredients, the “Perfect Margarita” ($12) has a juice too many but the “Park Avenue Lemonade” (also $12) is nearly perfect - the soda adds a sass that reminds us why lemonade is the one non-alcoholic beverage we can wax poetic about in the summer. This version owes a lot to Hampton Chutney’s (Prince at Lafayette) orange blossom infusion and we hope that the one will be the afternoon to the other’s evening drink this spring.

Though Gothamist prefers to get all our calories from alcohol, martinis are available with food and the fries are definitely worth the $6. PS 450 is still figuring out what it wants to be, but right now it’s a great place for an expense account fueled private party or consoling drink with a friend just coming to terms with selling their soul to work nearby.

Photo courtesy of Noah Kalina.

PS 450, 450 Park Avenue South at 30th Street, (212) 532-7474.