IMGP0522Gothamist believes in adopting a local. Even if it's not in our neighborhood. That's why, after then upteenth Dodgeball message we joined a friend at his local, Boat. Owned by the same people behind Great Lakes, the bar thankfully doesn't have much of a maritime theme past the stenciled oars few and far between behind the bar. With thrift store furniture and ancient videogames, it could feel like a dingy rec room but, refreshingly, nothing's sticky. The adorable bartender read the extensive beer list because, unlike our friend, we hadn't memorized it and it was so dark that we wanted to ask if the Christmas lights could be moved closer. Driking our $4 pint we had to appreciate the eclectic jukebox, while not the encyclopedia at Hifi, it is unique and made almost entirely of homemade mix cds - not too much that's too trendy or too exhausted, good music to be reminded of during pauses in conversation. Boat is good for hanging out when you and your broke friends can't afford any of the restaurants on Smith Street, though would prefer drinking your dinner anyway. Or when you can't stomach the thought of getting back on the G train sober.

175 Smith Street, between Warren and Wyckoff Streets
(718) 254-0607