Are you nostalgic for that hippie chick who lived down the hall freshman year? Have you wondered where all the purple prose on the wall literally written there in purple has gone? Well, your bar just opened. Gothamist recently sunk into the velvet cushions against the wall at Believe Lounge and read the quote in curvy script that also frames one of the outside windows:
You are the energy that either shines or shades another's soul
be conscious of you

The quote, unattributed on the wall or the exterior, is fitting for this lounge; comfortable but definitely choosing sides. There are real fur throws on the back of some chairs, a bed, nay, futon to recline on and an the bar area is almost superfluous to the bar as the friendly and bindi-d bartender is more than happy to provide table service. At $12 apiece the specialty cocktail menu derives part of its draw from the "low fat vitamin rich" ingredients and they're tasty. We tried the High Priestess; Ketel One and strawberry melon juice and our friend tried a vodka,Peach schapps and fruit punch concoction; his was better but both were well-made and summery and from 5-7 everyday half-off (that doesn't excuse the $7 prictag for the three bottled beers they carry, Corona, Coors Light and Yuengling).

While not catering to everyone's or even a broad idea of what spirituality can be, Believe Lounge is hard to tear your eyes away from. As part of Chynna New York's Gyspy Art'st MUSEums (all punctuation the bar's own)the space has been used by Law & Order (gleaned from the thank you note hanging above the toilet) and the found objects everywhere are amazing. Also take a look at the glitter, everything under glass and look for the belly dance and promised reflexologists, wizards and fairys. While perhaps not Gothamist's vitamin-enriched cup of tea, it's hard not to feel welcome at Believe lounge.

believe interior.jpg
Believe Lounge 1 East 36th Street, near Fifth Avenue (212) 481-4955