vinovino3.jpgAs shocking as it may be, we do actually get sick of the bars here at Gothamist central. We get sick of having the same conversations ("A strike? OHMYGOD what would happen if a strike actually happened?" "Yeah, we haven't gone to the gym much lately either- and we don't need a quiz to tell us we're self-loathing.") over and over and, on good body days, the disgusting feel of of people approaching for the wrong reasons. On the days we can't be social, we often buy a bottle of wine to take home. And, like Vintage New York before it, among others, Vino Vino in Tribeca offers the opportunity to try the wines sold. Unlike many others before it, this wine bar has a seperate entrance immediately after the front the front door (watch your step- the first one is viscious).

Down a long, narrow hall Vino Vino, the wine bar, is a lovely and appetizing fishbowl so you can see the wines for sale on the other side of the glass and the shoppers can can see you having fun with wine. It's a win-win situation for aesthetes. Try the olives and note that the while the wine you've tried (we tried several lovely reds, all around $7 for full glasses) is available next door,but do note the hours of operation for the bar and store are slightly different.

211 West Broadway at Franklin Street
(212) 925-8510
Bar: Tues, Weds 5-11pm; Thur, Fri 5pm-1am; Sat 1pm-1am; Sun 1-8pm
Store: Monday through Saturday 11 am-9pm; Sun 12 noon-6pm