SlyGothamist likes the the Siberian outer reaches of Soho- we like the dancing to Britpop at the Tiswas party at Don Hill's, we like getting our name chosen at name night at Antartica (where when we're not drinking for free, their mixed drinks in pint glasses are a great deal) and we've gone to some great parties at Sway lately. After visitng the new bar Sly, we're adding it to the list, as a pre-dancing or immediately after work, if not sooner, drink spot.

On Tuesday, the bar served martinis with strawberries at the opening and we tried to ignore the heat with a good, stiff drink (we're still not sure if it was the throngs of the crowd or air conditioning issues). The bar, with gorgeous nearly private spaces on each side of the entry (pictured), looks diffrent from its past incarnations, Recess and Noca, without board games and with an improved sound system that could cause some serious damage. The blue lights above the outside door continue inside and flicker throughout the space - everyone looks good in this light, remember that. Our favorite part, though, might be the the back smoking patio, it's a lovely view that often gets neglected being so far from the subways and it proves that not everyone in New York hates smokers.

Sly, 310 Spring Street, between Greenwich & Hudson Streets