We can't say we remember when this institution opened in 1967 (or that our parents were even of drinking age then) but it's been a mainstay since before the neighborhood was called Tribeca. Nancy Whiskey Pub is a bar's bar, a great place to drink beer, eat burgers (with cheese, $4.25) and linger. With it's proximity to venues like The Knitting Factory and Canal Room, it's probably not coincidental that the jukebox is so great filled with Pogues and Elvis Costello among others. It's not a place to order a cocktail but it is the only place in Manhattan to play bankshuffleboard. And absolutely the only bar where you buy the tee-shirt to prove you just did. It's cheap enough to be construed as a dive but well-done and never sketchy, and the curious upstairs is enough to make you feel like you fell up a rabbit hole (the building was converted from a stable). We feel bad for the waitress that has to negotiate the rickety stairs up to the loft area, especially when the bar advertises events "'til whenever." Drinking is even easier than usual when the bar tab is as much of a throwback as the bar.

Nancy Whiskey Pub
1 Lispenard Street
Corner of 6th Avenue, West Broadway and Lispenard Street
(212) 226-9943