undergroundroom.jpgWhen Gothamist has been accused of only drinking ourselves into oblivion in cool, interesting neighborhoods our only defense has been that it's easier to to stumble home than wake up at the end of F line. In fairness, this week we learned we could also stumble to the bar and found ourselves in Underground in what we can safely say in neither a cool nor interesting neighborhood. Sorry.

It's unusual that a bar actually makes us cringe before we see the entrance - it's not that the bar is a pseudo-speakeasy or people are spitting in the sidewalk out front. It was the house music, a scary siren call for people stuck in 1998 or people who think drinking at 6pm on a Tuesday is "edgy". In the name of service journalism, Gothamist took a deep breath and walked down the steps on 2nd Avenue. We were rewarded with ONE DOLLAR YUENGLINGS (For comparison, our deli in Broolyn charges $1.40) from 4 to 7pm daily. The bartender was friendly, efficent and almost breathlessly happy to have not only someone interested in the bar there (it's been open about a month) but also female in the bar.

We were shown a lovely patio with a seperate bar and nice built in benches were smoking is allowed and you have a view of the buisness conducted next door, very cheap fortune telling. We didn't agree with Time Out as it didn't seem "alternately like a neighborhood bar [not a single patron we overheard either lived in the neighborhood nor had any affinity for it], a libraresque lounge [if there was a book, in the place, it must have been behind the bar] and a sports bar." The lounge area, though, with another bar is really the best bet here - perfect for semi-private immediately if not sooner after work gathering, it was comfortable but nearly empty when we visited.

And if you are looking for another downtown cheap drink fix, the best we can offer is a blind item. What bar one block off the downtown line of demarcation, shares a name with a famous portrait and is offering $3 Guinesses all night Thursdays?

613 Second Avenue, between 33rd and 34th Streets
(212) 683-3000