090605.3.jpgDuring this week we were reminded of a few things: New York bars don't close for anyone's holidays, apples and honey go very well with Manhattans, and we should probably pick up some kosher wine in case family drops by. After moving recently, we realized we must have had this idea every year since, oh, 5761, because there were a half dozen not-exactly-empty bottles of Manischewitz. We've never even had good luck adding it to sangria - it's a problem.

At Mo Pitkins they have a solution. Our very attractive bartender threw chilled, cut green grapes into one of their ample martini glasses and pulled out the wine. Into a shaker went a splash of Manischewitz, some Grey Goose, and fresh oj and out came the perfect pink color that will remind you of that old pink drink we all stopped ordering. They call it a Manischevetini and it's delicious ($8).

If you're still put off by the pink, try a spiked egg cream with either Van Gogh chocolate vodka or Stoli Vanilla ($9). Both drinks are part of the Judeo-Latino concept that co-owners Phil And Jesse Hartman have brought to the dining room, comfortable bar and upstairs theatre at Mo Pitkin's in addition to the requisite (and good) bar fare. We're cheering right along with the little cartoon man who may or may not be a representation of the real Mo Pitkins, the owners' cousin who, he claims, tried to assinate Hitler. Then, no doubt, he needed a drink, too.

34 Avenue A
Between 2nd Street and 3rd Street
(212) 777-5660