When Gothamist started this feature, back in the day, at the dawn of the day, really, the thought was to revisit bars as well as review new ones. But we got a little distracted. Between looking for Lillie and trying to get to Caddyshack, the new venture by Brooke Webster of Meox Mix, in Brooklyn and all the blind dates, well, you know. (Or you ought to anyway, because we blacked out.)

Recently, though, we revisted a bar we've always had fun at: 12" on Essex Street. What looks like it could be a dive from the street has it's far share of kitsch, framed LPs,djs who knows what doesn't suck and some good deals. While our Brooklyn Pilsner was a Lower East Side average price of $4, there are specials like a 5-9pm happy hour with seriously cheap beer and the $4 special of PBR and a shot. The owner often sends out emails about upcoming events and has given given pizza parties (pies and pitcher of beer) to the first responses. It's a sweet deal, especially when you are drinking the house 12" pale ale. It might be our favorite pale ale, sweet but not overwhelming, easy yet strong, nearly perfect sass in a glass imported from England.

The bar is often the spot for afters with the Mercury Lounge crowd (it lets out around the corner) but there are more than baby rock stars there. Besides beer, there are good wine selections, comfy seating and an entertaining staff. The space has been around for two years and before that the owner had a place called the Liquid Lounge in Hoboken with nothing less than figure drawing classes in a bar enclave that patrons brought their drinks in with them for. Nudity and alcohol, without venturing into Scores territory, that's what we're talking about.The owner would love to have that at 12" and may get his wish downstairs, til then, enjoy the djs and look for us there this weekend for a birthday celebration or three.

179 Essex Street, near Houston
(212) 505-6027