18m.jpgIt was with a bit of sadness that Gothamist packed up our flip-flops and tube tops for the season. But we quickly whipped away our tear knowing that our future days would be filled with velvet and balloon skirts. This fall the trends are big and luscious, from the closet to the wine cellar, and we can’t wait to fall in love with the great pairs of the season.

Black is back, with an Italian accent

Did this classic really ever go away? From velvet to embroidery – black is taking over all fabrics. Pair your black high collar coat with a Sangiovese wine– this classic Italian grape with black cherry and leather notes can be causal or dressed up as a Super Tuscan.
Try: Mazzei 2001 Poggio alla Badiola Toscana, Italy, $12.99

Russian Luxe
Time to break out the caviar and big furry hats, because this fall, fashion goes Hermitage. Rich luscious fabrics accented with fur and embroidery will keep you warm on those cool fall nights. To also help warm you up pour a glass of ice wine. The rich luscious honey and peach notes are luxury in a glass.
Try: 2001 Inniskillin Riesling Icewine, Canada, $80.00

Big, bigger and Donna Martin prom dress big
Time to turn up the volume on everything from skirts to shirts. This fall, big is better with tulip skirts and full cut pants paired with a fitted top. The wine to drink has to be full bodied as not to be overshadowed, so try a Bordeaux style Cabernet. It is bold, complex with layer upon layer of flavor.
Try: 2001 Cana Cabernet Sauvignon, California, $25.00

Governess with a hint of tannin
Soft structure meets femininity. High collared shirts are paired with long flowy skirts and wide belts. Pair this sophisticated look with a Pinot Noir from Burgundy. The wines from Volnay have a smooth velvet texture with raspberry notes and are known for their finesse and femininity.
Try: 2001 Volnay Champans, 1er Marquis d'Angerville, France, $48

Like fashion, like wine, each is a matter of personal taste. Will we be busting out the big furry hat – probably not (unless we can find a great knock-off on Canal Street) – but we will be adding a few new looks to our wardrobe, as soon as we figure out what goes best with red teeth.

photo: style.com, Gucci Poplin shirt with asymmetric pleat detail and velvet trim