commonwealth.jpgWhen we are trying to recapture the thrill of living in New York (or at least avoid sounding like Tricia Romano when we talk about our home) we drink Manhattans in Brooklyn. They may not be everyone's favorite or the flavor of the month but Manhattans are like the whole experience of living here- pretty hardcore, an acquired taste and only right when you make it yours. We've tried Maker's Manhattans, as cold as possible, at many, many fine establishments in the Borough Of Kings but our favorite is that of Commonwealth($7). Why? There is just a bit of bitters into each one. Just like every one of our days. Owner Ray Gish learned this from a mutual friend when he was still bartending at the Slope's Great Lakes. When he set up his own shop, he brought the mixing skills and the music ones, too, the jukebox is great, full of Magnetics Fields, Velvet Underground and great covers. Honorable mentions go to Pete's Candy Store (especially during the packed Trivia nights on Wednesdays) and Spikehill, both in Williamsburg.

Where have you had a good outer-borough Manhattan? We'll try your suggestions as long as they are in Brooklyn.

497 Fifth Avenue at 12th Street
(718) 768-2040