centovini2.jpgWhile the most posh our hovel of an apartment has seen is the Dwell sample sale, our ex-boss registered at Moss; now, happily she (and you, presumably, after a date with your sugar daddy) can drink there, too. Centovini the newest venture from Moss and the people behind I Trulli and Vino is both a wine store and bar, open evenings and, soon, for breakfast and lunch (We can totally rationalize breakfast drinking, especially with the nostalgic, honest-to-God real writers like F train rider Paul Auster, though he never fooled himself into thinking that wine from a box counted. Also unsure if Murray Moss shares those aesthetics).

With the almost blinding white involved, like the flagship Moss store, we wondered if Moss himself would even let colored liquids in his home. Would Cava be too beige? Would nightmares of rosé on suede keep him up at night? Luckily, our preposterous thoughts were just that -- wine with flavor and color flow freely. So freely that you have the option of buying in bulk as all the Italian wines offered are available by the case or bottle. Try the best you can afford (glasses start at $8) and, if it's starting to look serious, see how the date feels about stocking the wine cooler til you get a vault together.

25 West Houston at Greene Street
(212) 219-2113