grand tasting.jpg Gothamist received a magnet as a gift recently that read, “Wine is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” We always suspected that but it’s good to finally have it confirmed on the magnet. In fact we think that quote could possibly extend to truffle butter as well, but further field-testing is required.

Hmmm, where could we go to eat truffle butter and drink fabulous wine…lots of it…hundreds…flashback…oh yes, the P.J. Wine Grand Tasting.

If wine is proof that God wants us to be happy then the Grand Tasting is Disney World. Table upon table, aisle upon aisle of wines from around the world just waiting to make our day. This year the annual tasting will be held on Wednesday, Novermber 16th at the Puck Buidling in Soho. Gothamist has already plotted out our drink strategy – we won’t give our secret plan away, but let’s just say we're starting with the Chateau Latour and we’re prepared to stay low and use our elbows (just because we’re happy doesn’t mean we won’t resort to violence to secure a glass of the Bordeaux first growth).

Living in New York we know that happiness doesn’t come cheap, tickets for the event are $99 for general admission and $150 for VIP (early admission and Bordeaux and Champagne tasting). We know it seems like a lot but you will certainly drink at least double that cost in wine (this year we are aiming to triple that). And it turns out that happiness breeds happiness as proceeds of this event will benefit City Harvest. Ah, it feels good to be a lush…spreading joy one glass at a time.

For more info or to buy tickets visit the PJ Wine website.