Years ago, we had fond memories of the horrible service, questionable food but strong drinks and lovably off waitstaff -- remember the midnight drag shows that usually ended with them eating your fries? -- all at Stingy Lulu's. The space, now inhabited by Hop Devil, a bar with twice as many beer options and half as much, on a good day, personality makes us miss Lulu. And Ivo & Lulu's isn't the same, all focused on eating and such.

Maybe the owners of the Abbey, Capone's, and the Alligator Lounge in Williamsburg had the same nostalgia when they opened LuLu's in Greenpoint late last month. The bar, a former warehouse with huge windows onto a stretch that includes The Queen's Hideaway and several other bars, is carnival style fun, three levels of it. Remnants from the now-defunct Brooklyn Carousel line the walls advertising sword swallowing girls and horses hang from the rafters, all for sale. The ground floor has the bar itself, many tucked away booths, including a nearly private on in the corner-- private to the rest of the bar but tucked into the window onto the street, in case you want to have your date in a fishbowl, we guess. The mezzanine has two pool tables, two skee-ball machine, and a Fun-E-Ball, suspiciously like (and as much fun as) pinball, and the top level (pictured) has a great view and two long bars of the super shiny, and fun, diner style stools.

Mondays the bar hosts Greenpoint's only real karoake and the whole bar is crazy for it. Happy hour is 5-8 and drafts are half off, so the normally five-dollar Newcastle left us with change in our hand. There's no pizza here, free or otherwise, but po'boys are available til 8pm. LuLu's is pretty much Coney Island if the freakshow had heat in the winter, the chrome still shone and a rockabilly girl carded you.

113 Franklin Street at Greenpoint Avenue
(718) 383-6000