From one of the unique curving benches of Kimoto, a new rooftop bar that opened Friday atop the Aloft Hotel, you can appreciate how much is changing Downtown Brooklyn. The skyline is dotted with cranes from big new developments that'll open in the next few years; just a few blocks away, the area is prepping for the borough's tallest residential tower. It's interesting to take in the changing scenery at eye level, especially when that means 24 stories up with an interesting Japanese beer in hand.

The bar's billing as an "Asian beer garden" pushes the genre a bit; there are both beers and plants here but it's a stretch as a garden. Still, wheeled planters with climbing plans, pots of succulents and ferns, and dozens of simple wooden seats and tables callback to nature at least. The beer program, which began as all Asian but has expanded to include craft options from New York and Connecticut, offers some interesting, less common brews. The dark and compex Sorry Kurogo Imperial Porter ($12) makes for a good seasonal sip.

The food menu's a little all over the place, with a bit of an Asian stoner food vibe. At a press preview on opening night, the Salmon Crudo ($12) was tasty but served, somewhat oddly, on top of a sliced carrot. More interesting was the Spam Sushi Dog ($13), a kind of inverted Spam musubi topped with smoked pineapple relish, and the Shibuya Disco Fries ($17), a skillet of fully loaded taters with beef brisket, jalapenos, daikon chili, a garlic sour cream and a squirt of sriracha.

216 Duffield Street, website

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