At the end of June West Village club Work In Progress (WiP) got permission to reopen, without booze, after an out-of-control brawl there caused a whole lot of headaches (To recap: Chris Brown had his chin scratched, Drake was ticketed, 25 other people were physically injured, Rihanna's reputation was endangered, and WiP and the Greenhouse club where it's located were both shut down). But tonight, the booze starts flowing again.

Initially, WiP lost its liquor license after an emergency SLA meeting regarding the fight. But a judge has now ruled that the cash-strapped club should be able to keep pouring the good stuff while everything gets worked out. Clubs "should not suffer a death penalty before a determination of guilt," Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Geoffrey Wright wrote in his decision.

And anyway, the club swears it is safe now. "When we reopen our doors," club reps said in a statement, "we will be focused on providing a safe and fun atmosphere for our customers. To that end, we are enhancing our security."

And yet we still will probably not be there tonight to welcome the old girl back into business. You?