2006_02_food_dragon.jpgThe Brooklyn Heights strip of Atlantic Avenue between Court Street and the BQE is riddled with watering holes. Nevertheless, Gothamist has to admit that none of them could be considered a sophisticated cocktail lounge.

Until now. Or tomorrow, to be specific.

The owners of Soju have decided to rethink their pan-Asian restaurant and transform it into a Asian-inspired den of iniquity called Dragon Lounge - bereft of food, but brimming with cocktails. The opening party is tomorrow night, kicking off at 7:30pm with an hour of free drinks.

And, when Gothamist got a sneak peek at the renovations, it looked like it could be a very fine spot to enjoy imbibing very fine cocktails - free or naught. Some of the concoctions that caught our eye on the extensive drink menu: a Dirty Ginger Martini, made with vodka or gin and fresh pickled ginger; a Dragon's Heat, comprised of sake, vodka, chili sauce, basil and lime juice; and the lounge's nod to Bond Girls - a Pussy Galore - made with Malibu rum, vodka, rosewater, grenadine and a splash of cream.

Will this aspiring cocktail spot find an audience in a nabe where beer, wine and Cosmos are usually the order of the day? Tune in tomorrow...or at least pay call between 7:30 and 8:30pm for a free drink.

Dragon Lounge
145 Atlantic Ave. (btwn. Clinton & Henry Sts.)
Brooklyn, NY